Thomond Park Stadium awarded ISO 20121 Certification

Posted on: March 5, 2014

Thomond Park Stadium Company Limited has been awarded the ISO 20121 certificate in sustainable event management. The certificate recognises Thomond Parks achievements in managing the stadium in a sustainable manner. In particular the system looks at the Social, Environmental and Economic impacts made by the stadium and ensures that the most positive impacts in each area are developed so that the growth and development of the stadium will ensure its place for future generations.

All venues that took part in the London 2012 Olympic Games had to achieve this international standard and Thomond Park Stadium is now a member of an elite group of venues which have achieve international recognition for the way in which they are managed.

The proactive management of the stadium requires a sustainable system to enable it achieve all its goals and objectives in a planned and designed manner. The achievement of this certification demonstrates the stadium’s willingness to go that extra mile.

To date Thomond Park Stadium has achieved:

92% recycling rates for all waste generated,
Uses only certifiable green electricity,
Reduced its annual water consumption by over 50% since 2008.
Reduced its electrical and gas consumption by over 30% since 2008.
Developed a Park and ride system for all events.
Has donated over €100,000 To local groups as part of its community fund.
Has contributed over €150,000,000 to the local economy in four years.

These are just some of the headline achievements undertaken at the stadium. Thomond Park Stadium is committed to continual development and growth and the sustainable management system ISO 20121 will help us achieve these goals in a manner that compliments the core values of our brand.