Bingo Loco at Thomond Park Stadium

Bingo Loco has hosted unforgettable parties all over the world from New York to Dubai. Each one is
famed for its over-the-top sense of drama, show-stopping special effects, side-splitting hosts and
making every audience a part of our shows. Prizes have ranged from a Mini Cooper or VIP Coachella
tickets to 10-foot teddy bears. It’s Bingo Loco, so always expect the unexpected!

Each night will come with a soundtrack of the best anthems and nostalgic
ballads from the nineties and noughties. Bingo Loco will be introducing our show with
games, challenges, bonus prizes and show gags behind every door! As usual, bingo revellers will also
be showered in confetti, CO2 special effects, party pieces, wind-up merchants and festive stage
performers, while charismatic and unabashed hosts will have you roaring with laughter. Expect
dance-offs, hilarious lip sync competitions and prizes!

Bingo Loco at Thomond Park Stadium is the largest loco event in Limerick to date with 900 expected to attend.