Music Generation in our Thomond Suite!

01 Jan 1970

Music Generation Schools Summit 2019

In June our National School creative music-making programme came to a head with a massive interactive music party, with over 2,000 young people joining our musicians and special guests.Thanks to everyone who made it possible – the children, teachers, schools, musicians, technical support & stadium staff.We are shortly starting a new year and a new, even more ambitious, creative project in schools across Limerick. Thomond Park Stadium Myles Breen Michelle Grimes The Hit Machine Drummers Red Paw Media

Posted by Music Generation Limerick City on Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Music Generation in our Thomond Suite over 3,000 children, teachers and performers in our stadium.

Our Thomond Suite can hold up to 500-600 people at a time!

Fully customizable with stunning views in all of our suites.