Thomond Park Stadium Company Ltd. (TPSCL) is committed to a policy of continual improvement in relation to the environmental, social and economic impacts in managing events, whilst also understanding the possibility of both positive and negative impacts in these areas. TPSCL has set out a sustainability framework in order to achieve the most positive impact in each area.

TPSCL manages all aspects of the stadium, including its operations, services and products on-site, on behalf of the IRFU and MBIRFU, in order to deliver exceptional and professional standards at all times to its patrons and stakeholders.

TPSCL is acutely aware of its stewardship of the legacy of Thomond Park and is committed to developing and sustainingthe integrity of the brand in order to create a legacy which can be further developed by future generations.

In order to achieve these objectives, TPSCL is committed to the following:

  • To commit to an independently accredited sustainable working model,which satisfies applicableand legal requirements.
  • To communicate this sustainable model to all stakeholders in order to lead, inspire and deliver an exceptional sustainable management system.
  • To identify significant sustainable development issues such as, energy, economic impact, planning and community and then plan, do, check and act on all issues that are identified.
  • To commit to a policy of continuous improvement in relation to the sustainable event management system.
  • TPSCL is committed to its sustainable development principles of Inclusivity, Integrity, Stewardship and Transparency within its defined scope.
  • Develop a statement of purpose and values specific to TPSCL’s sustainable event management system.


This policy forms part of TPSCL’s overall objectives and is endorsed and upheld by the Board of Directors. It is available to all stakeholders and interested parties and is reviewed annually.

John Cantwell, Stadium Director,
Thomond Park Stadium Company Limited.